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With all of the information at golfers' fingertips, it's never been easier to attempt to teach yourself the game of golf.

The problem with this is that one golf coach's strategy may not work with another's fundamental platforms and vice versa, leaving you with more questions than when you began. 

At Tended Golf, our PGA Golf Professional is here to provide you with the resources to become self-sufficient in YOUR golf game working with YOUR swing.

Let's work together to diagnose the problem, develop a solution, implement a practice strategy and get you on your way to better golf. 

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Want to work on your game with Zach but relative distance is an issue? Let's get together remotely! We can work together in real time to diagnose your issues, develop a long (or short) term improvement plan and lay out specific drills and games to help you reach your specific goals.


Looking to improve your game through our most personal experience? This option has been highly regarded by countless students, and will give you the perfect foundation to enter the next level of learning & achieving in your golf journey.


Are you one of those people who wants to improve your game independently, but still want to "check-in" for another set of eyes to make sure you're not developing bad habits? Send 2 videos (one face-on and one down the line) of your golf swing and receive a full analysis of what issues you're facing and personalized drills explaining how to correct those specific issues.


Looking to improve your game, but not quite ready to invest in lessons?

Check out our social channels for hours of free instructional content.

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